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New Laser Tag Activity Adds to Team Building and Outdoor Activity Offerings at Black Rock Retreat in Lancaster, PA

29/08/2016 – 8:12 AM |

Lancaster County, PA – Black Rock Retreat’s Outdoor Education program discovered that students learn best when their hands-on experiences are highlighted with enriching team-building activities. Their program offers outdoor laser …

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Peak Power Sport ‘Empowers’ the Sports Community with its New Graduated Calf Compression Sleeves

29/08/2016 – 3:24 AM |
Peak Power Sport ‘Empowers’ the Sports Community with its New Graduated Calf Compression Sleeves


Following on from their recent success of their compression foot sleeves , Peak Power Sport have added to their line of compression products with the introduction of their new 20-25 mmHg graduated, breathable and lightweight calf compression sleeves . Peak Power Sport CEO Rich Mallinson announced: “As part of our vision to help people stay active and minimize injury with the best possible sports gear, we’re excited to bring to market our new premium-quality graduated calf compression sleeves which we know will prove to be popular with runners, sportspeople, travelers and even ordinary people suffering from aching legs after being on their feet all day.”

Crafted with both utility and comfort in mind and featuring a classic-weave, blended fabric, this unique brand of sports & running compression calf sleeves for men and women can be worn comfortably during sporting activities such as runs, workouts and also under normal clothes in order to shorten recovery time between runs and training sessions. By providing true medical-grade, graduated compression (20-25 mmHg) and support using a unique calf-hugging technology, these may serve as running compression calf sleeves in aiding recovery from running-related injuries such as shin splints, swelling and leg cramps, or help alleviate the uncomfortable swelling some travellers experience during air travel.

About Peak Power Sport:

The company is best known for its line of premier compression gear and dedicated to providing its customers with all the tools & training required to achieve peak performance.

For more information, please visit:

Rich Mallinson
Peak Power Sport
Address: 1812 N Columbia Blvd Suite C15-535850, Portland, Oregon 97217, USA
Phone: (1) 503-445-9564
Website: Infrared Contact Lenses Gives a Magic Vision to Aspiring Poker Players

26/08/2016 – 10:12 AM |

China –, a poker cheating device manufacturer and seller that has garnered positive response from poker addicts in recent times, has recently launched infrared contact lenses , a special … Unearths the Quirkiest Poker Cheat Tricks and Devices for the Poker Players

26/08/2016 – 9:36 AM |

China –, a globally recognized and acclaimed manufacturer of poker cheating devices, makes poker cheating way simpler for pros and amateurs. The poker cheat devices manufactured and launched by …

Shoe Spy Camera from EYE Poker Cheating Center Adds a New Dimension to Poker Game Cheating

26/08/2016 – 8:04 AM |

China – EYE Poker Cheating Center, a reputable seller of poker cheating devices, also offers shoe spy camera, a very different type of poker cheating device which takes player stealth … Offers Russia ZGY Invisible Ink Marked Cards for Russian Poker Pros

26/08/2016 – 7:28 AM |

China –, a 2010 born company,which is committed to designing and mass production of poker cards and poker cheating devices, also offers Russia ZGY invisible ink marked cards for …

Red Yeast Rice Powder from Quality Herb Serves as a Natural Add-on to Regular Diet

26/08/2016 – 6:47 AM |

China – Red Yeast Rice Powder, a powder which has a light red colour, has been repackaged by a global distributor of Chinese herbal medicines, Quality Herb, which takes pride …

Vermont Urgent Care Gains Recognition For Being A Top DTLA Urgent Care

26/08/2016 – 4:36 AM |
Vermont Urgent Care Gains Recognition For Being A Top DTLA Urgent Care

Vermont Urgent Care, a leading DTLA urgent care , provides both emergency and non-emergency care. They provide a peaceful environment that will put patients at ease during stressful times. The …

Puerarin Showed Positive Results in Reducing Binge Drinking During Quality Herb Laboratory Testing

24/08/2016 – 1:08 PM |

China – Quality Herb, a China based manufacturer of traditional medicines, recently claimed that their Kudzu root extract, also known as Puerarin, is highly effective in reducing binge drinking, a …

Ukrainian Madams Is Now Ready to Ensure the Best Matchmaking Experience Ever

24/08/2016 – 10:00 AM |

In the busy world of today, the issue of finding a soulmate and creating a strong family becomes frustrating and challenging for millions of people. It does not really matter …